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Zadar Outdoor Festival - Parkour Workshops

Are you addicted to move? Do you enjoy being out in the open, play with your suradings, climb, jump or just geting stronger in any way?
City of Zadar have much to ofer, and you will definitly like to move around this City!

“Parkour / Art Du Deplacement is a natural method of training the human body to move smoothly, creatively or efficiently, using the environment and obstacles that are around you”

Parkour is the art of movement that allows us to explore the potential of our body. It gives the possibility of overcoming the physical and mental barriers that they encounter, regardless of whether they are in the natural or urban environment, in search of movements that combine efficiency and control. The only equipment needed is a common shirt, comfortable tracksuit, a pair of sneakers and you are ready to GO!

Join us at Zadar Outdoor Parkour workshops and experience what your body can do, move and jump in the city with amazing history.
Zadar Outdoor Festival


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