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Yogatherapy Workshop With Vivian Lagier


It is my privilege to welcome Vivian Lagier, great person, yogini and teacher from Argentina, who will be teaching one interesting workshop on yogatherapy. For those who don't know her, she was a student of two teachers I admire the most: Dr. Manohar L. Garothe and Dr. Bhole, but also there is much more you need to know about her.
Workshop will be placed in Ashtanga yoga studio Rijeka from 22nd of April till 23rd, both days with theory and practise and with promotional price of 300kn (as this is her first visit here)
Workshop will be English spoken, with possible translation if needed.
If you wish to dive a bit more deep into yoga, we will be happy to see you :-)

Stage on Yogatherapy

1- theory

- concept of Health in India and concept on health in Occident

- concept of health on yoga.

- difference between Patanjali and Hatha Yoga Pradipika in relation with health

- on with textes we can find the first therapetical references

2- practices in ralation of:

Stress, joint and spine problems and digestion

Presentation of 2 different series of asanas, folowing the Swami Kuvalayananda indications with the Dr. Bhole method

About Vivian:
Degree in Oriental Studies, Jesuit University ... of Salvador. Buenos Aires. Argentina 1990

Specialization in Yoga Therapy and Eutonia. Kaivalyadhama. Headquarters Buenos Aires. 1996
Between 1996 and 2003 yoga trainning with Dr. Gharote and Dr. Bhole
Director of Yoga and Oriental Studies. Hernando Arias Institute of Saavedra. Posadas. Argentina.2000 to 2003
Yoga teacher in Switzerland from 2004 until today: children, adolescents, yogaterapias, hatha and yoga nidra.
Specialization in yoga for children and adolescents. RYE (Recherche sur le dans l'éducation) France 2008 et 2009
Yoga and tradition. Dr. Bhole. Paris 2010
Director of Natura Yoga. Genève. Suisse
Currently a Master's degree at the University of Lausanne in South Asia
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