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Workshops CBCF 2017 - Klub Mladih - 27.05.2017

 Klub mladih Rijeka

Burlesque Crafting with Manu De La Roche
Ostrich Feather Fans Creation.
The workshop duration: 4 hours. The participants will create their own burlesque fans and at the end they will have a class of fans manipulation/basic moves.

Price per participant: 200,00 Euros (everybody will receive a participation certificate, signed by Manu De La Roche, at he end of the workshop).
Registration dates: February 20th till March 9th 2017.
There is going to be a pre-payment, during this period: 100,00 Euros. The other value (100,00Euros) can be paid at the end of the workshop´s day (27th May).
All materials (staves, feathers, etc,) will be provided by the workshop teacher.

To take part, please send us a message for the payment information at the festival site.

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