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Spring is here and with spring ->->-> SWING BREAK 2017.

"Imagine" said John Lennon and we would like to invite you in this daydream of ours... :)

Imagine yourself on Adriatic coast, scent of pine trees and salty sea is in the air, sun is shining, hot jazz music is playing, some people are dancing even on the terase of neighburs bungalow...
You are sipping on a nice cocktail and talking to your newly-met international friends. They are all Lindy Hoppers.

You are all excited about workshops, that start next day (you booked the longer version of the Swing Break, so you have some "relax time" on your hands), international teachers are coming to Swing Break just for you. You will join the barbecue party with friends, who brought all the grill eqiupment with them from Slovenia,have some fun on nice daily activites, maybe you will go for a dip in nice swimming pool that lays in the peninsula of the camp, or just go for some pasta or pizza in the auditorium restaurant... Maybe even swim in the sea (if the temperatures will be right).

One of best things are evening parties, that can easily last till dawn... ;)
Good music, super nice peple, nice ambient, and your accommodation ... is just few meters away.

You will not spend much on food and drinks, since you can cook in the bungalows if you want and you can bring your own drinks to parties.

What more would a Lindy Hopper need for a memorable weekend?

In the end it is all about the experience, that one chooses to add to one's life, or rather save extra 10€... ?
Accomodation is INCLUDED in the price of Swing Break!
(Food is not. However you have kitchens in bungalows or restaurant under the venue - 20m away).

So for the same price as you would on festivals got a just a pass (or party pass) , on SWING BREAK 2017 you are offered:

- Workshops with international teachers - workshop pass
(Sweden, Israel, UK, Italy, Croatia)
- ON-site accommodation (in bungalows)
- Entrance to all evening parties (party pass)
- turist tax, parking feas, and other feas already INCLUDED in the price
- attendance of professional photographer (you will get some nice pictures of you dancing or posing "the incredible pose"
- on site team of Happy Helpers will be taking care of your problems
- great experience and new friends
- you save with drinks (you can bring your own drinks to parties)
- you can cook in bungalows (and there are 2 stores super close)

We would like to encourage you to register and we are looking forward to your fine company on unforgetable Swing BReak 2017.

It looks like we going to sold out soon, so it is advisable to not delay your registration...

So. Everything said and done... Hope to see you again or meet you for the first time on Swing Break 2017 :)

your SWING BREAK team
with Aleš & Katja

You can check out some photos from event here:
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