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Rublood (Industrial Gothic Metal - Italy)


Rublood have risen from the ashes of the band Dark Star, dedicated to gothic metal.The disbandment leads the singer Ruben Roll to find new musicians with whom he can create a style aimed towards contemporary and innovative sounds, thanks to electronic instrumentation. The band managed to perform at the Colonia Sonora Festival in Collegno (TO) on the 28th June 2009, alongside national and international acts. In 2011 they recorded their first demo, "Generation Rublood". Inspired by the atmospheric sounds of bands like Rammstein, Depeche Mode and Deathstars, Rublood created their ownunique mix and a new method to conceive dark and poetic music. One of the band’s strengths, on the live scene, are the choreographies created by their dancers, the Rubladies, who delight the audience with their magnificent gothic spectacle. . In February 2012 they recorded their first full-length "Star Vampire", and shortly thereafter they are noticed by the production of the film "Studio Illegale" (released in cinema in February 2013 by Warner Bros.) in which, as well as to include one of their songs on the soundtrack, also appear as actors. They shot their first videoclip for the song "Through The Looking ... Glass" with Moviedel Productions and directed by Maurizio Del Piccolo. They shot their second videoclip for the song "Electro Starfuckers" always with Moviedel Productions and always directed by Maurizio Del Piccolo. Currently the band is busy promoting their music and its video clip produced by Maurizio Del Piccolo and Moviedel Productions. After several live performances and changes in the line-up, Rublood found stability with the following members:Ruben Roll (vocals), Andy Zanellato (guitars), Jester Salander (guitars), Thorfinn (bass) and Alexi Nova (drums).

OFFICIAL VIDEO 'Electro Starfuckers'
OFFICIAL VIDEO 'Through The Looking-Glass'
OFFICIAL TRAILER 'Studio Illegale'
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