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R/verse Festival pres. by MoDem & Illectricity - Mrežnica river


MoDem & Illectricity present:


22nd - 25th June
Mrežnica river
Donje Primišlje
(Slunj) Croatia


Line up:

Deadbeat (BLKRTZ / DE)) // DJ Seinfeld (Lobster Fury / ESP) // Eclair Fifi (LuckyMe / UK) // Herzel - live (MK)

alllone (AT) // Aural Fiction (SLO) // Bergi (HU) // DJP (SRB) // doze (AT) // eDina (HU) // Softskinson (SLO) // Lüle (Kompleks) (SRB) // Mental (IT) // UFFALO STEEZ (HU) // Utero (HU) // Žiga Murko (SLO)

207 // Arboretum Kolektiv // Borut Cvajner // Brogy // Dots // Dubok // El Commando // Feelipa // Funk Guru // Inchoon // Ivna Ji & Samo Tako - live // Koolade - live // DJ Labud // LilaCube // Lovro Klop - live // Luka Eterović // OBERKULL // phillipe // Pytzek & Mislav // Qwerty // Radio Esplendor DJs // SapLeo // Shao // Sladoled // SZCH // Val Vashar // Viatori // Vrle


The teams behind MoDem Festival and Illectricity Festival are proud to announce an entirely new festival - taking place in an amazing location surrounded by a forest next to the beautiful Mrežnica river, it is bound to take your breath away.

The first edition of R/verse Festival will bring together more than 50 of the finest ... music selectors from the region and beyond, set on choosing the best up and coming techno, house, disco, electro, bass, hip-hop, beats, d'n'b, juke/footwork and other electronic tunes.

Tickets are available on Entrio and cover four days of ground breaking music (perfectly transmitted thanks to the impeccable Funktion One soundsystem), camping with showers and compost toilets, workshops, yoga classes (powered by Dukat Fit), badminton / frisbee court and chillout area. Free parking is secured just outside the camping site.

Shuttle service is running four times per day and one way ticket cost 20 kunas only. Festival shuttle bus is pet friendly so you can bring your little friends with you:

Travel by bus from Zagreb to Slunj takes around two hours and those two cities are quite well connected. For more info, prices and schedule check

Kids under 12 (accompanied by parents) can enter for free, and pets are more than welcome. Picking up your dog's waste, cleaning up after him is an important component of keeping the whole environment clean!

At the festival entrance each person will receive:
1. ecological soap (please DO NOT use any chemical products)
2. ashtray for cigarette butts
3. trash bag
4. printed instructions

Food and beverages will be provided by the organisers and their friends.

The hot days of June are perfect for a refreshing swim in the clear and fresh waters of Mrežnica, so don't forget to bring your swimming suits!

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Powered by Funktion-One Croatia
Supported by Beck's Hrvatska

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R/VERSE FESTIVAL 2017 – info

Four day passes allow access to Festival Main Area from 4 PM on Thursday 22nd to 10 PM on Sunday 25th, and to campsite from noon on Thursday 22nd until campsite closing at noon on Monday 26th June.

Please do not park your cars in the front of the main entrance or on the road, there is free big parking space near the festival entrance. Thank you!

It is recommended that you don’t carry valuable items to the festival, if you do so it is solely at your own risk, the Festival can not be responsible for lost or stolen belongings. Please do not leave valuable items in your tent.

Participation at the festival is at the visitor's own risk.

You can bring your own food and drinks into the camp but not at the main festival area.

On the camping grounds we ask for peace and quiet. Families with small children are more than welcome. The camping grounds are a place to sleep, the festival area is the place to party and go wild. Thanks!

Open fires are strictly FORBIDDEN, doing so will get you taken out from the festival and your wristband cut!

The hot days of June are perfect for a refreshing swim in the clear waters of Mrežnica, so don't forget to bring your swimming suits. As there are no professional lifeguards present, swimming is allowed but at your own risk. Also, swimming between 9 PM and 8 AM is not permitted!

Just like any other festival, always have your ticket with you. If for any reason your wristband snaps or it slips through your wrist, you still have to bring your wristband or broken wristband and your ticket, so you should never throw your ticket away. Broken wristband without the ticket will not be changed.

Our main focus will be on ecology and respect for Nature. We wish to preserve the site as pure and untouched as we found it. This is why we work really hard to ensure that the Natural Surroundings remains intact: only natural eco soaps are allowed, all our used water gets recycled on site, food waste is made into compost and composting toilets will be used to implement an ecological sanitation approach. Our main goal is to take care of festival environment and beautiful nature that surrounds us!
Your cooperation (not only as a visitor) will be highly appreciated. Get involved and join our group of eco volunteers. Please take your time to fill out the form below. We wish you lots of fun and an experience to remember!

Get away, free your mind and enjoy.

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