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Online dating - Love surfing: Theresa Khalil

 Indijski kulturni centar Zagreb

Come to Indian Cultural Center this January.
Meet a film director.
Learn about her experiences with online dating.
Ask questions.
Have a good time.

Theresa Khalil is an Arabic author who is writing her new book at the moment which is documenting her journey of searching for love online. The book title is "Love surfing". She will be sharing her experience with online dating and love search between Egypt and Europe.

Her short film "Love surfing" is a short documentary that has been shot in Belgium documenting one of her dating experiences. The film was selected for Moveme productions film festival and Martinique film festival.

The following headlines will be discussed
- How did it all start
- Is online dating safe?
- How to find a serious profile
- Stories of dating between Egypt and Europe
- The happy end
- They lived happily ever after
- Best dating websites

Indian Cultural Center Zagreb
Ilica 43 (courtyard building)

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