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Le Tour De LHF 17


travel by bike to #lhf17

wasted before the festival? no problem.
this year, marlin and paul offer the opportunity to join them on a 4-day ride from vienna via slovenia, italy and croatia to lighthouse festival 2017.

facts _
guided 4-day bike trip from vienna to lanterna
luggage delivery to the festival
€ 100,- discount on the lhf tickets

cost wise, calculate roughly € 40,- per night of the tour + provisions, in return you will get a 100€ discount on the festival ticket. a return ticket by bus for you and your bike can be booked via lighthouse festival.

tourplan _

day 1 _
the 4-day tour starts with a gentle warm up on sunday from vienna through lower austria to semmering mountain. once up on semmering pass, take a deep breath and assess the 'kalte rinne' while sipping a melange. then you will roll downhill into the grazer bergland, following the mur to our goal for the day, graz.

day 2 _
the next day will lead you deeper into styria and carinthia, passing by kaiserwald and seebergsattel, where you will cross the border of austrias southern most state carinthia into slovenia. be aware - scenic views on our climb to the pass. depending on the mood, there will be a set ... up camp for the second night somewhere between kappel and the slovenian border.

day 3 _
having the biggest climb of the tour behind you, the third day leads through the 'slovenian tuscany', passing lubiljana in direction of triest. with heavy legs and a lot of espresso on triests boardwalk you will start into the fourth and last day of the tour.

day 4 _
along the adriatic coast and the 'croatian tuscany' we arrive around noon at our destination: laterna / lighthouse festival 2017
your luggage will arrive before you at the festival, meaning that all you have to do is strife off your cycling gear and give your exhausted muscles a rest on a sunny beach.

contact _

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