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HYPOTHETICAL STRUCTURES : virtual landscapes

 Inquiry Inc.

We are in need of: pure art generated out of pure data – abstract landscapes; new worlds generated as visualizations based on an existing world, catalysed by artistic intent and an intimate non-populistic PoV.

[*NEW* deadline: 31/12/2016 23:59 CET]

To participate, you may submit:
~~~ narrative or abstract digital imagery of any arbitrary data set (e.g. data articulated in a form of an .OBJ, txt, BMP, SVG, …any human interpretable depiction) visualised as virtual 3D imagery – artistic visualisations that move beyond being a visualisation tool to achieving a meaningful / discursive aesthetic representation of some artistic statement

~~~ any personally curated data set derived from an intimate query;
/// using own sources as raw data (such as private chat|public feed sauce, bank account feed, former media work residue, archives, …)
/// appropriated data sets [scraped web objects, found web artifacts, reinterpreted digital source, institutional sources and known systems (e.g. statistics bureau data, utilitarian algorithms|sequences|strings, )]

If we choose your art to be included, it will be fully credited, and used for research purposes only. (Artist book, exhibition,..)

In ... order to consider your participation, we need the following:

~~~ name &/or your artist name
~~~ e-mail & website (or blog, etc.)
~~~ bio & artist statement (short)
~~~ name of your work/research & short technical description
~~~ visualisation of your work (printable) &
~~~ description of source

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