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Duke Bluebeard (HU)

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Duke Bluebeard
Self-described folk-pop act of A. D. Lukacs, Budapest-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, picking his moniker after Bartók’s opera. Duke Bluebeard’s demo recording, "Summer Is Dead", came out in April 2013. He spent the following year in various side projects, all part of the hungarian underground scene and played at Rakéta Fesztivál 2012-2016 where PESTI EST, described him as a promising singer-songwriter.

In May 2015 he released a single, "D. B.", through Lone Waltz Records which tells a story related to a single person. This concept ends up in expressive, constantly emerging songs as melancholy turns into frustration.
The following release, titled "Friend or Foe", his first full length album came out in March 2016. These songs were written in his mother's basement, where he spent a few months during summer, hiding and reflecting on the past. Even though it's most likely to be a sort of defeatist narrative portraying an idea of loneliness, being solitary, isolated, he's looking at both sides with songs like "You'll Be Just Fine" or "F. B. #1 (Stockholm)".
It shows on both records that his introspective and self-reflective ... lyrics are only a part of an enigmatic way of storytelling which goes beyond words in some, if not most of the cases. His distinctive vocal range makes him able to create harmonies laid upon the carefully built melodies giving us more sense of what’s going on.


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