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David Shiner: Telling stories through movement and clowning


TRIKO CIRKUS TEATAR is happy to present to you the second workshop of our Clown Platfrom 2018 series. The workshop will be tought by the world famous clown and actor David Shiner who performed and directed around the globe. He is one of the creators of the Broadway hit “Fool Moon”, that won a special Tony Award because of its modern spin on vaudevillian comedy, and the director of Cirque du Soleil’s show Kooza.

The work will focus on improvising, building , writing , creating and other practical steps of producing a good clown piece. It will teach us ways to overcome blocks in creativity through silent storytelling and physical theatre, help us understand the psychology of clown and the meaning of clown in contemporary world. Through raising the question …what theatre really is, why do people go to the theatre at all?…. Shiner's goal is developing awareness and sensitivity in performers, thus trying to distinguish between good and bed theatre.

It will show that clown is not only about being funny, but also about emotional relationship between a clown and his/her audience, and other clowns on stage.

David Shiner in Cirque du Soleil

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