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2nd MARES UWPM Cup 2017


Competition program:

FRIDAY 5th May

18:00 - 22:00 Check-in and verification of competitors and models in Punat (island of Krk)


08:00 - 8:30 Verification of competitors and models
09:00 - 9:30 Opening ceremony
10:00 - 10:30 Boarding and departure at the diving site
11:30 - 13:00 Competition - 1. dive: position 1. Island Cres or Island Plavnik
13:00 - 15:00 Break and lunch
15:30 - 17:00 Competition - 2. dive: position 1. Island Cres or Island Plavnik
17:30 - 18:30 Handing over of the memory cards
18:30 - 22:30 Return of memory cards to competitors, photos selection and submission of photos for scoring
19:30 - 22:00 Dinner and party

SUNDAY 7th May

8:00 – 12:00 Evaluation and analysis of results
9:00 – 13:00 Diving trip on Island Cres or Island Plavnik & lunch
15:00 – 17:00 Projection and award ceremony
18:00 Departure of competitors

REMARK: Competitors who cannot come to the verification on 5. May have to announce that to the organizers and hand their documents over to the organizer on May 6 at 08:00 hours - without delay!

Registration for all participants includes accomodation (two nights), 3 dives by boat, lunches, breakfast ... and dinner, T-Shirt.

1. Participate conditions
The right to participate in the 2nd Mares UWPM Cup have all divers with a minimum of R1 diving category or equivalent qualification of other diving association.
At the verification they have to present following:
1. Signed statement of responsibility for competitors and models
2. Deposit slip or other evidence of paid registration fee - admission
REMARK: Competitors and models with R1category has to sing special statement of the special responsibility, that they will dive to a depth appropriate for their category (max.20 meters).

2. Diving equipment
The competitor and model (or another competitor) have to have all the necessary equipment for safe diving: BCD, backup air source - octopus or other regulator, pressure gauge, depth gauge, diving watch and decompression tables or instead of three last elements may have a dive computer. Following the selection of the team, the model can be equipped with equipment for snorkeling. The competitors can use diving apparatus open to the air or nitrox, only with a valid test certificate. If the participant or model dive with nitrox mixture they must present brevet of having passed the specialty - nitrox diver. The organizer has the right to check the state of equipment and mixtures. The use of closed and semi-closed system of breathing (rebreather - CCR) is not permitted during competition. Competitors should bring full scuba tanks for the first dive. If one of the contestants is unable to bring their diving tank, host would give him a diving 12/200-liter tank (has to be announced at least 7 days in advance!). The organizer provides 12/200-liter scuba tanks for the second dive.

3. Photo equipment and competition categories
Only digital cameras, of any type, are permitted to use in competition.
Digital cameras can be digital reflex (SLR) and compact camera, underwater-amphibious or freeboard camera in underwater housing. Double exposure is also allowed. Use of all types of flash, extra lighting, lenses, effect-lens, additional lenses, snoot and other additional photo equipment is allowed. Competitors bring their own blank memory card and give it to the organizer to check before diving. All competitors recorded footage in mandatory JPEG format. Capture images in parallel formats (NEF, RAW, etc.) for their own use is permitted, but the images in these formats cannot be submitted for evaluation. In order to avoid mismatches between a digital camera and organizers computer, competitors are advised to bring along a USB cable for the camera and software to download images from camera to computer.
Photographers can register in one of two competition categories:
• DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex camera) and
• COMPACT (Digital compact cameras).

4. Photos - theme
The goal of competitors is to record the technically correct and artistically (compositionally) as better photos they can in three default theme: wide angle with or without model, fish and macro photography.

Wide Angle with or without model
The goal is to capture a wide-angle photo that highlights the natural beauty of the underwater environment, and with the motive of the natural environment the competitors can use a model or models silhouette. The photo should be taken with a wide lens or "fish-eye". Allowed the capture surface, wherein at least 50% must be underwater photography. The competitors may combine underwater and land components, as long as the underwater part takes up over 50% of the photo. It is not allowed to bring objects under the sea surface and procedures in changing the underwater environment. Each photographer can have a maximum of one associates - model. Two competitors from the same club without a model can be a model to each other. Two competitors from the same club can have one model. It is forbidden to shoot models or competitors from other clubs (teams).

Photo of fish (Fish)
The goal is to make most beautiful photograph whose main subject is fish (Pisces). Can be recorded fish portrait (wherein are visible gill openings), or whole shoal of fish so the photo is most technically correct and artistically best possible. It is not allowed to change the natural environment, feed the fish, move marine organisms or destroy any part of the flora and fauna. The photos of any details of a fish: eye, fins, dorsal fin or any other detail of the body of fish IS NOT CONSIDERED a photo of a fish.

Macro photography (Macro)
The aim is to record as beautiful as photo of tiny living organisms or details of underwater flora and fauna. It is necessary to record a photograph showing the surface of less than about 100 x 150 mm.
The photos of a details of a fish: eye, fins, dorsal fin or any other detail of the body of fish is considered macro photo. It is not allowed to move marine life or destroy any part of the flora and fauna. If competitor moves marine organisms in their unnatural habitat (eg. Flabelina on black sponges), and the jury spotted that on a photo, that photo will be disqualified.

5. Competition
All competitors for photography have available two terms for a period of 90 minutes.
In each term, the competitor can do multiple dives, and change the configuration of photographic equipment, but he must not deviate from the standards for safe diving. Risky diving entails disqualification of a competitor. Before changing configuration settings or fine tuning the equipment competitors must report to the controller on the boat. The maximum diving depth is limited to diving category, and the maximum is 30 meters. Depth will be controlled from a personal computer or diving depth gauge for each contestant. Double exposure is also allowed. Use of all types of flash, extra lighting, lenses, effect-lens, additional lenses, snoot and other additional photo equipment is allowed.
After the second dive competitors submit to organizers a memory card with a maximum of 120 photos for copying, the first shot is determined by the organizer. In the event that memory card contains more than 120 photos, the organizer will delete redundant photos.
Additional editing is allowed directly in the camera (crop, toning, etc.) but only under the sea. Photos must be recorded at the maximum resolution of the camera.
All competitors perform selection of images on organizers computer or on their own computer. Competitors have 120 minutes to select photos on their own computer.

Competitors will submit for evaluation one (1) photo for each topic
Each photo must be stored in a separate file. Contestants submitted to the organizer only the names of files (photos) in JPEG format they chose and write the names in a form.
Competitors in handing over the file names can check whether they correspond to the selected images. The organizer will, if desired, and the instructed by the contestants turn selected snapshot (vertically or horizontally, or a mirror).
When submitting photos to the jury each photo file will be renamed in such a way that each name composed of alphanumeric codes where the first number of the participants, followed by a letter marked threads (A - underwater environment, R - fish, M - macro). For example, "05A" means that it is a photograph of the fifth applied competitor on the subject of the underwater environment.
The organizer will check the authenticity of digital images. Any misuse (insertion of images that are not recorded in the competition, etc.) brings disqualification of a competitor.

6. Scoring
The jury evaluates the individual photos regardless of the category in which competitor competes (DSLR, compact). Each photograph jury awards a rating ranging from 0 to 10. The sum score of all three topics gives the total number of points for the contestants. Total number of point determines placement. In case two competitors have the same number of points, the higher ranking competitor is the one who has the greater number of higher grades. The sum of points from the two most successful competitors from the same club determines placement in the team standings.

7. Awards
On 2nd MARES UWPM Cup in underwater photography the following awards will be awarded:

 1., 2nd and 3rd place individually for UWPM Cup (medal + awards from sponsors) - Category DSLR
 1., 2nd and 3rd place individually for UWPM Cup (medal + awards from sponsors) - Category compact
 1., 2nd and 3rd place individually for UWPM Cup (medal + awards from sponsors) - best UWPM Model
 Best Photography Best of Show UWPM Cup - Special Award

8. Applications
Applications for the competition must be sent no later than 05/01/2017. at the address of RK Roniti se mora, Vilima Korajca 23, 10000 Zagreb,or on e-mail:
Further information can be obtained at the same e-mail address or mobile phone number: +385 95 1977 153 (Damir)

9. Fees
The fee for all categories for the competitors is 55.00 €. Fee for models is 25.00 €.

10. Disqualification of competitors
The competitor will be disqualified if he is found outside the waters/aquatorium of the competition which will be marked by buoys signal. Competitor will be disqualified if he violates dive time specified for the competition.
If the competitor moves marine organisms in their unnatural habitat, and the jury recognize that on the photo, these photos will be disqualified.
The competitor who exceeds the maximum allowable depth of the dive of 30 meters will also be disqualified.

11. Complaints/appeal
Complaints/appeals must be submitted in writing form to the Commissioner of Competition in 30 minutes after the incident or after the end of the dive, during which there has been a controversial event. With the complaint/appeal you have to pay fee of 100€, which is returned if the complaint/appeal is accepted. Otherwise, the funds remain the organizer.

12. Copyright
Photographers retain the copyright to their photos. The organizer reserves the right to use any photos from the event in order to promote underwater photography and scuba diving. Photos can be published in magazines or on the website with the intention of presenting the winning photographs and the promotion of competition in underwater photography. All published photos will include references to names and surnames of the authors.

13. Responsibility
Diving club " Roniti se mora" as organizers and Diving Center "Oliga" as host, not accept any liability for damages that may result from this competition.
All competitors are attending the competition at their own risk as evidenced by a signed statement of responsibility.

14. The base and the waters/aquatorium of competition
Planned waters/aquatorium for the competition is Island Cres or Plavnik.
Alternative locations in case of bad weather are some of the bays near the town of Punat.
Diving zone will be determined at the beginning of the competition, and will depend on current weather conditions.

15. Accommodation and food
Organizer provides free accommodation in apartments and food for the duration of the competition, for all competitors.
16. Organization of events
2nd MARES UWPM Cup in underwater photography is held within the project Underwater Photo Marathon. MARES is the general sponsor of the competition.
for all competitors is organized in private apartments in Krk.
Accommodation reservations should be made no later than 01.05.2017.

17. Training dives and early arrival
All competitors who want to come earlier and dive in locations that will be in the competition zone organizer will help in finding accommodation and arrange all diving with official diving center DC Oliga. Earliest arrival is possible on 05/01/2017.

18. Other
Competitors who do not have their own model or assistant, Diving club " Roniti se mora " can provide that with fee mentioned in 9. Please make this notice no later than 01/05/2017!
All other information can be obtained at: Diving club " Roniti se mora " - Damir Zurub, +385 95 1977 153 or e-mail:
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