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2nd Congress of European Managers


CROMA - Croatian Managers’ and Entrepreneurs’ Association will host the participants of 2nd Congress of European Managers which will take place on June 08-10 2017 in Opatija.

The program of 2nd Congress is still being created in cooperation with co-organizers: CEC - European Managers’ Confederation EMA - European Management Association and AMSEE – Association of Managers of Southeast Europe, but it is certain that the thematic framework will be associated with post-Brexit reality and trends on the common EU market, challenges that concern all managers, entrepreneurs and their companies. The panel discussion will be focused around a rhetorical question:
“Why do we need a unique European code of corporate management for business operations on the EU market?”

Attendance at 2nd Congress has been announced by a number of managers, board members and presidents of the leading European and global corporations that support the idea. Of course, the floor will be open to those who are sceptical or have objections about the adopting of a unique European code of corporate management. We are expecting the arrival of more than 500 prominent businessmen from home and abroad.

The Congress of European ... Managers is not only a source of new ideas, inspiration and networking, but also a powerfull message of business community will be sent to all those who should be concerned about the imminent future of the EU market.
See you in Opatija!

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